October 7, 2008

Questions: surrounding business compliance

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  At our meetings I was happy to see some great questions surrounding business compliance.

  There always seems to be confusion regarding what needs to be done and how often you need to do things to stay compliant.


September 25, 2008

Backup Your Data? How Important is a backup?

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Backup, Backup and Backup.. Lately I have had a lot of calls on crashed computers from friends and members of the group. 5 in the last 6 weeks, I handled 4 of them. On one of them I was able to recover the data for the owner as the crash was probably due to a bad sector on the drive where the operating system resides. Another the disk was so infected with mal-ware and virus’s that I would not connect it to my system to recover data just format over it. The other two were hard disk mechanical failure leading to no data recovery. What do all of these computer users have in common….. No Backup!!


September 19, 2008

Are you ready for something new?

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As you know I believe that Networking and getting to know people is the way to build a strong and Healthy Business.……

Yesterday I attended a “Move Ahead 1” event where Herb Cohen spoke.  Herb is world renowned  known for his abilities as a negotiator.  During his talk he touched on negotiating in other cultures.  He pointed out that in sales there are only three countries in the world where “COLD CALLING” is expectable, the USA, Canada and Australia.  In all other cultures you must be introduced before anyone will talk to you about your goods and services.   COLD CALLING is a no no. 

 I attended the event with  gentleman that started off as a client a year back and is now a client and friend.   I would like to introduce him to you in person but he lives way out on long island.  So I’ll Introduce him to you via the internet. No cold calling here.

Dr. Russ is a happy www.paymedia.net PAYMEDIA payroll client.    Dr. Russ is also  known to be a Dad, Husband, Physical Therapist, Captain, Comedian, Actor, Magician, Entrepreneur, Author, Rock Climber, Sailor, Computer Geek, Kayaker, Tri-athlete and Doctor.  

 Check him out–>  http://www.newlifeinprogress.com/  or  http://www.betternesscoach.com/

Dr. Russ L’HommeDieu. DPT
633 East Main Street, Suite 5
Riverhead, NY 11901
(631) 727-9212

Ron Valvano-973-462-8460

September 17, 2008

Some good news from www.paymedia.net

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The past few days have been somewhat crazy in the financial markets and people are worried about business and the economy

On a happier note I wanted to let my friends at Network Connections  know that our client the TRENTON THUNDER WON their second Championship in two years.

Trenton scored the go-ahead run as part of a four-run sixth inning on its way to a 5-1 win over Akron in Game #4 of the Eastern League Championship Series on Sunday night in Waterfront Park. Trenton and won the best-of-five game series 3-1. Trenton Center fielder Austin Jackson had an RBI single in the victory, and was named the Eastern League Playoffs Most Valuable Player

PAYMEDIA provided the payroll for the Thunder and Lakewood BlueClaws for the 2008 season.

Thanks Ron Valvano


September 16, 2008

As We Crash (opps…I mean Blog)

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   May not be an instant replay as in sports…however it is a replay…and a sport for some…Economic crash-Been done-Thanx B to GOD-not been there

After all , this countries beloved Trump, father & son not only made their money in REAL ESTATE they also profited from buying bankrupt with pensions…so as we blog someone somewhere is making money @ the hard working expense of us ! ! !

My phone bill just went up and no one knows why

and the electric

and the gas(natural)

and the gas pumps on gas that has already been paid for

shall I go on ?  I will only complain as long as I vote…so even though we may be perplexed to vote for WHO? Just vote and remember your own STATE has elections too !

Just a thought on our  own Network Connections voting system: we seem to move them into the White House then vote them out if necessary…

Just Pondering…….georgie (scuse spelling)

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